We took our dog in for grooming for the first time today. We were more than pleased with every aspect of our experience. The staff was friendly and clearly loved animals. They asked questions about our dog’s likes and dislikes and what might make him uncomfortable. When I came to pick him up he was happy and not nervous at all. When I was rung up, I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the whole experience was. We rebooked for 6 weeks from now and will be regular customers from now on!

Hailey Ward Wilde

We live in Spokane Wa. and travel through here often, we have family in the area. We have used Wiggled and waggles on several occasions and I’m so impressed with them. My dogs are clean when I pick them up and happy. They love to play there and the handlers are amazing.
We reserve our time via phone and they are always happy to get all of the health records from my area vet.
Great place,clean, great people most certainly a 5 star in my book

Linda Herrera Kirkbride

I came across this place by word of mouth lots of positive feedback. I was very happy with the ending results, they were patient with me ( I was a bit worried about leaving him) and super loving to my Pip! He looked great and my groomer Theresa was awesome!! He came back so soft and looked so good! I will be back! This is the place to come!! Your pet will leave with a wiggle and a waggle and be very happy!!

Lisa Bateman Parmenter

My two dogs LOVE visiting Wiggles N Waggles! The Owner Theresa, and all of the staff are awesome! The entire crew at Wiggles and Waggles treat the dogs with TLC. The staff make every effort to make the dog’s experience a great one. I have boarded my dogs during vacation, I bring them to day care often, and have had them bathed and groomed as well. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide! The dogs are allowed as much freedom as possible, and when you walk in you are greeted with happy dogs everywhere, not stressed out barking and crying dogs. I highly recommend them and give them the highest possible rating! Lauri K.

Lauri Wixom-Krause

We have two chihuahuas who absolutely LOVE coming here…and you know how Chis can be! One is a little diva with an attitude and she’s fallen in love with Laura and likes to think she runs the place. The other is a little shy but when we get to the parking lot she knows where she is and starts scratching at the door to get in.

They take such great care of our girls and even took one of the girls to the vet for us when she had a little infection on her tummy.

Gigi Kraynick

Our dogs love going here!!! They are super excited every time we pull up. Its the perfect place for them while we are gone, they are high energy German shorthairs and love being able to run and play all day. I would not take my dogs any where else to be boarded. The owner and staff are all wonderful and take great care of our furry family members.

Courtnee Brook Smith

We’ve taken our puppy Bisbee here three times now. She loves it! The people are always cheerful, and the facility is beautiful and very clean. Bisbee’s tail starts to wag the moment she knows where we’re going, which to me is the best indicator that she knows she is going somewhere fun. Thank you guys for being here in Blackfoot!

Larinda Nichols

My dog Sage had her first experience with Wiggles and Waggles yesterday and we both loved it. Sage is a 7 year old Bernese Mountain dog and has been groomed at several different places–she has had some good cuts, some horrible mistake cuts and yesterday she had her BEST cut. She was beautiful, a perfect summer cut and best of all she was well cared for. I am sooooo excited to know exactly where I will take her for day care, or her grooming needs!

Jowayne Curran

Me and my wife had to leave our baby girl Isabella (bella for short) at the day care over night. I was very impressed with the staff who were very inventive and friendly. We had borded her there once before about a year ago and they remembered all of us. The dogs are well fed, well groomed, and have there own play area to run around. I would recommend you pamper you pup to a day at the spa. Wiggles n waggles. Is a great place for puppers and easy on the wallet as well. Kinda wish I was a dog so I could go too.

Warren Ray

I’m a truck driver,the military base I unloaded at didn’t allow dogs.My boss found wiggles n Waggles n the Internet,they took very good care of my Bear while I got unloaded. They gave him a bath,requested on my behalf, and were very grateful. If I lived n this area I would take my dog (son) there while I was on vacation. Very nice wonderful people there.

Jeff Mulford

This is the only place that we trust to leave our dogs when we have to leave town. We’ve tried other places in Pocatello and they just seem to be subpar compared to Wiggles N Waggles. Theresa and her staff are amazing with our dogs (pug and black lab)! They treat our dogs like family and I would definitely recommend this place!

Nam Nguyen

I absolutely love Theresa and all the staff at Wiggles and Waggles, they take such good care of Lucy and she loves going there to play with lots of her furry friends. We feel so good leaving her in their care and they know our furry kid is so important to us and treat her great. She is worn out from playing and it’s great. Thank you Theresa and your staff! You are the best

Yvette Hollis

We left our 2 babies (dogs) at Wiggles N Waggles for a little over 2 months, knowing that they were being well taken care of. Our girls became part of the family. They were treated with so much love.

They enjoyed the break room couch and sunshine from the windows. They had lots of opportunities for outdoor playtime or resting indoors. They even got 3 baths during their stay; an unexpected surprise.

We tell our dogs they are going to puppy camp when we take them to the kennel, and this time we were not kidding; they had the BEST time!!! No doubt they will be back.

Loreta Petrikas Kurkowski

We love this place! Our dog, Mako, jumps out of the car and waits at the door wanting to go in and play with his friends. Such a great staff! We highly recommend this kennel.

Stephanie Nielson Watt

Took my dog here for her first spa day! She did amazing and she looks so good, shiny, her nails look great and she is so happy showing everyone how pretty she is lol. Thank you for providing a safe, trusting place I can take my dog!

June Schulze Hogan

The best place to leave your pets without a doubt. They really love our dog like she is part of their family. I never have to worry about her when we leave town.

Lexi Howard

We’ve taken our Bella to be boarded twice now. My husband and I have been very pleased with how they took care of our baby. The staff really loves dogs and takes care of their charges as they would their own. I’d recommend Wiggles and Waggles to anyone in a heartbeat! Plus they are very wallet-friendly! We will continue to take our Bella there as long as we are able. Love it!

Jennifer Ray

I Love Wiggles and Waggles Pet Resort and sPaw! I took my Golden Retriever for his first grooming experience at age 7. They were patient with him and helped me get his very matted tail back to beautiful. He was happy and gorgeous when I picked him up! They even invited this first timer back again yay!! Plus I couldn’t believe how reasonable the cost was!

Lynette Christensen

Our dog, Cocoa, has spent almost as many days and nights at Wiggles and Waggles as he has at home the past two months. We have enjoyed a couple vacations and some long weekends out of town knowing that Cocoa was being well cared for. He loves to socialize with the other dogs and cats plus he loves the attention from Theresa and her staff. They all go the extra mile to make sure everything is just right for their furry guests! Last week we left a dirty long haired dog and this week we picked up a nice smelling perfectly groomed dog! Thank you for taking such great care of Cocoa! He can’t wait to come back for another sleep over!

JaNae Leyshon Smith

We love Wiggles N Waggles, but our golden retriever, Marley, loves it most of all. Whenever we pull into the parking lot, Marley can hardly contain his excitement. He practically beats us to the door. I’m so impressed with the staff and how they genuinely care for the dogs. Marley is greeted each time as if he is one of the family. We can leave him knowing that he is in great hands and that he will have the time of his life. When we finally get him home, he is happy, healthy, and exhausted! I recommend Wiggles & Waggles wholeheartedly.

Barbara Stott Steffensen

We love Wiggles N Waggles! They have been so helpful to me because I am totally new to getting my dog groomed. They answered all my questions and we’re so kind. But most of all they are WONDERFUL to my Presley. She gets treated like a queen and she loves it! Repeat customers for sure!!!!

Dorrie Mortensen

I have a st Bernard i brought him in they were very friendly and loving towards ted my st Bernard when I went and got him they did an amazing job on him when I took him to a different pet groomer he did not have a good experience and when picked him up he was nervous when I picked him up from wiggles and waggles he was a very happy dog I will recamend taking your animal to these guys

Dusty Hughes

Very helpful. Dropped Star off and due to some medical issues didn’t know when I could pick her up. The staff just took care of everything. Usually when I pick up Star from the kennel she is sad. But after staying at Wiggles N Waggles I picked up a happy and health dog. Can’t say thank you enough for the help.

Amy N Glenn Cox

I love this place. My dog loves going there. They are very kind and friendly. Their grooming service is excellent and they love their furry guests. Highly recommend!

Kathleen Talamantes

My dog has never been so soft and he is treated like their own! They are so concerned about his look and his well being I am so glad I decided to take him here for his grooming!

Nicole Mitchell

Our Labradoodle and domestic kitty visited Wiggles and Waggles for the first time
In January. They stayed a week with the wonderful people there. Both animals were very happy when we picked them up and our dog was groomed beautifully. Recommend Wiggles and Waggles to everyone in need of loving care for your pet.

Hollie N Scott Noble

We love Wiggles n Waggles! I never thought I would be comfortable boarding my 4 legged baby. He is my service dog, but he really hates long drives. I know, weird for a dog, but true none the less. We have to make trips down to A SLC about once a month or so. The first time I only took Mojag in for a play date, and to get groomed. He came home so worn out he slept for a whole day! He has so much fun there. He always comes back to me happy to see me, yet kinda wanting to stay and play some more. They have on site staff so your lo ed ones are never alone. They play with them, watch TV with them, read to them. They treat my Mojag as though he were one of their own. Theresa is absolutely great. She trims him up and makes him look great. She even delivered him to me at my house one one, because we were coming in just after hours. Our Mojag just loves the entire staff there. Great grooming, great loving caring staff, and great fun for your 4 legged babies!

Christine Braack

This was Maddie’s 1st professional grooming..she is 6.. The people were Great with her as witnessed by myself and my husband when he went to pick her up. She was afraid of the blow dryer so they accommodated her. I loved the way they let her get acquainted in the grooming station so that she could get used to the noise and the dogs on the tables etc.. A great experience and she come home feeling Beautiful. Of course her new brother Colt wanted to know where she had been but he soon decided she still knew how to play We will definitely make her next appointment THANK YOU ALL!

Debbie Hammett

I am always so impressed with the staff and the work that they do. Best place in Blackfoot to take your pet to for grooming. Great prices too.

Eden Ybarra

With two groomers and several bathers available, making an appointment is easy. They ask what you would like done and follow through. They strive to please the customer. Rascal enjoys going there and feels right at home in their free ranging environment. I drop him off early and can pick him up later when convenient for me. Give them a call now.

Lucien E. Frederick Jr.

They kept our Aussies for almost two weeks. Neither have ever been boarded before, one is a puppy the other 14, they went above beyond to make sure the dogs acclimated well and even sent us pictures! Will absolutely use them again.

Ashley Radecky

We were visiting from Florida. Good standard poodle groomers are hard to come by; we were fortunate to find Wiggles N Waggles. Great job, and our dog had lots of fun playing all day.

David Keller

Such a great place! I was worried when I left my dog for 9 days, but he had lots of time to play with other dogs and the staff took great care of him. Brought him back for a 2nd time and he ran right up to the door wanting to go in. I am so happy he likes it there! Thanks Wiggles N Waggles!

Jenny K Gibson Mortensen

Our family and our dog Myah loves Wiggles n Waggles great place to take your pets everyone that works there are very friendly and love your pets!!

Lisa N Scott Green

We took our puppy there for our first boarding experience and IT WAS FABULOUS! Theresa and her team are top of the line and made us and Roxy feel so welcome and valued as customers. Roxy needed a Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine in order to stay there and didn’t have it. We didn’t have time to take her to a vet so they took her for us. We would have been late for my work meeting in SLC if it wasn’t for them going the extra mile for us! When we picked up Roxy she was happy as could be. We wouldn’t take her anywhere else. She played all day with other puppies and was only kenneled at night for bedtime. This place is doggy heaven for dogs away from home. Thanks Theresa for your personal touch of service. She even texts you with a pic and update on your dogs status while you’re away. These guys rock!

Crystal Alsbury

We took our puppy there for our first boarding experience and IT WAS FABULOUS! Theresa and her team are top of the line and made us and Roxy feel so welcome and valued as customers. Roxy needed a Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine in order to stay there and didn’t have it. We didn’t have time to take her to a vet so they took her for us. We would have been late for my work meeting in SLC if it wasn’t for them going the extra mile for us! When we picked up Roxy she was happy as could be. We wouldn’t take her anywhere else. She played all day with other puppies and was only kenneled at night for bedtime. This place is doggy heaven for dogs away from home. Thanks Theresa for your personal touch of service. She even texts you with a pic and update on your dogs status while you’re away. These guys rock!

Crystal Alsbury

I haven’t taken my pup in here but my mom used to take our dogs to Theresa when she moved to firth and first started out of her home. She was amazing with all the animals then and I know her shop will leave you and your pet happy!!

Amber Lamphier

Hands down the best groomer in this area. My little man is normally shy, but not here. He’s excited to go. Thank you!

Cory Ann Martin

I love wiggles N Waggles, my retriever gets spoiled here. He loves his bath and brush and gets to hang around other dogs. The staff is super friendly and loves our pup as much as we do!

Lisa Webb

Thanks guys. Kayla and Kody look great .. I appreciate you taking such great care of my furbabies. You guys do a great job and always treat my pets like family.

Marcy Farmer Howell

Thanks so much for the great job you did with my puppy she’s adorable. I think she’s happier too.

Cindy Clark

The place to put your kids when you need them in best hands while you’re away from home or during holidays, or just getting them bathed and groomed.

Victor Lopez

We love Wiggles N Waggles! It’s a very social place and my dogs get tons of attention from humans and dogs. I miss them when they are with Theresa, but I don’t worry because I know they are loved and well looked after. THANK YOU Wiggles N Waggles!

Betty Watson

They do an amazing job very nice people and great priced!!!

Tanisha Reader

I can’t afford 12.50 a day a piece for 2 dogs. I wish that I could. Plus I need a place that opens at six am.Anyone know of another boarding kennel in Blackfoot?

Miriam Rowbury

I am so happy that we finally have a good place to leave our dog. She is always excited to go stay there! It is nice to be able to go on vacation and know that she is safe, loved and well cared for. I would highly recommend this place!

Denna Taylor

My dogs absolutely love going here!!!! They really take great care of them.

Jennifer Saylor

Fritz loved his vacation and loves his new look. Thanks for taking such good care of him

Grayson Downs

What a personable and professional place. First time we have used a boarding place and we were very impressed. Our dogs came out happy and not a bit stressed. Theresa and her staff were great to work with. Will definitely take our dogs there again.

Kandy Feuerhelm Csajko

Po looks amazing, he had his first grooming, everyone was gentle and patient with him, I was nervous leaving my baby but they eased my worries. I can’t wait for next appointment. Thank you wiggles n waggles

April Hughes

Thank you so much! My Pom looks amazing and he is so soft and happy. Your attention to detain in your grooming is a wonderful change. My dogs will definitely be back.

Buffi Werth

We love Wiggles and Waggles! Our two girls came home very happy!

Terri Ross Pence

I’ve taken my 80 lb. hyper puppy who doesn’t like his nails done (cause he’s too manly for that) here a couple times and we love our experiences. She’s so patient and understanding with me and my fur baby. I love wiggles n waggles!!

Tabitha Burt

Wiggle n waggle the best, the staff is fantastic the facilities are great, my dogs and I always have a great experience.

Brad Jex

Mike “the dog” lives wiggles and waggles! I highly recommend

Chris Ambrose

Love love Teresa and her girls!!!! My Puppies love her too. Clean clean facility they truly care about my Dogs. I couldn’t ask for anybody better to leave my precious dogs with.

Dawn Larsen

They took great care of Walter while we were out of state and we would have and will have no issues dropping him off for his vacation there.

Thank.you guys

Jared Scott

Otis had such a great time and the gals took awesome care of him! Thanks!

Raquel N Noah Millett

Our dogs had such a FABULOUS time! Lucky and Charlotte were treated so well and they made a ton of new friends! I highly recommend to anyone!

Heather M Deede

Great place to take our dogs. They are well taken care of and their staff are super professional.

Tyrell Thomas

My dog looks great and she was well taken care of!

Teressa Hall

Wiggles N Waggles is the place to take your dog! We absolutely love them and have been impressed with the services they provide. We take our Springer Spaniel there quite often and she loves it. Both boarding and daycare have been helpful to us. Our dog loves to play so we appreciate the fact that they let them play all day long. No kennels during the day, just lots of fun!

MaKayla Farmer

Our sweet dog Toby stayed with Wiggles and Waggles for 8 days over the 4th of July holiday. He loved it and we did too. Toby has medication needs and they took extra special care of him to make sure he received his medication and was comfortable the entire time. When I picked him up, they had documented his doses and gave me a full recap of his stay. He didn’t want to come home :). We will definitely be back.

Katie Haan Sobolewski

We just picked Buddy up today after over a week there and could tell he had a great time! He was relaxed and well exercised and he was clean and oh-so-soft! Thank you for giving us peace of mind when we have to travel. We’ll use you again!

Jenny McDonough Welsh

Love this place. My huge husky was miserable in this heat. He looks so awesome and feels a ton better now that his thick fur isn’t weighing him down. Thanks so much!!!

Sarah Lerdahl Osborn

We are so happy with our experience with Wiggles N Waggles. They took our three dogs while we were out of town. They groomed all three dogs and they look amazing. My pom Bane looks so good he got a lion cut and shave it looks so good. It feel so good to here your dogs were well behaved and had a blast with all the dogs. They spend all day outside playing. It was the best thing for them to be apart of a pack. I want them to go there even if we are home it’s good for the dogs. I’m just so pleased with them I live in Idaho Falls but will be for sure taking them there anytime. They came home happy dogs and that works for me

Amber Inglett

Left my puppy dog there for 4 days and 3 nights, they took great care of him and I could tell he really enjoyed his time there. Think he already wants to go back. Highly recommend this place. Teresa is great!

Jaron M Bybee

Mike and I left our pit/American English bull dog Marmaduke at Wiggle N’ Waggles Pet Resort & sPAW in Blackfoot Idaho. They changed his doggie hotel 3 times before they found the one that best met his needs. Theresa, the owner, and her son fell in love with him. I’m sure that we aren’t the only customers to feel the sincere love and concern they had for our dog. Our dog is strong and lovable and we knew that we would need professionals to care for him while on vacation. We highly recommend Theresa Johns Ahrendts she is a gem.

Marlene Roper Salvaggio

My baby girl Davi was with you guys for 3weeks and she looked like she had a great time. Matter of fact when we picked her up she acted like she could care less that we were there to get her.

Robyn Brannan Smout

Very awesome place! Staff is great with what they do and are excited about doing it! Will try and make before and after pictures!

Austin Peterson

We have been to groomers all over Blackfoot, Idaho Falls and Pocatello trying to find someone who was good with all three of our dogs. Most places were okay, but no one really made us 100{594b3bdca57b28c8e902127982265ddaa9b840d2ec6ae8018ad09287df1468f0} happy. We have a Pug, a Yorkie, and a Chinese crested/chihuahua mix; three dogs with very different hair. WnW is by far the best place we have found in SE Idaho. Our dogs, one with a severe anxiety disorder, are always well taken care of and come home looking wonderful and happy. We love this place and will definitely be life long customers.

PaulandMisty Burt

I have been in Wiggles and Waggles several times. I am always impressed with how well Theresa and the girls there know each dog. The dogs are always so happy and playful. I love that they are rarely in their suites, instead they are in the play areas socializing. My parents “furry baby” has so much fun when she boards there and always looks amazing after her grooming.

Holly Lilya

i have a long haired deaf cat that goes to be groomed regularly. he always looks great and seems happy to get out of the house. Teresa and her staff do a great job.
I also have a dog i adopted that is very afraid since she had been abused. she has to be dragged over a threshold since she is scarred to go into a building. after the first time at Wiggles and Waggles she walks right in the door. she is happy and relaxed when i go to pick her up from doggie daycare. Teresa says she plays well with the other dogs. when i have to leave her over night she never smells like she came from a kennel. Teresa’s boarding facility is very clean. other dogs i boarded in Portland and Seattle had to be bathed before i took them home. i have never have to do that after having a dog at Teresa’s.
Great place. they love the animals and it shows!

Ruth Wetherald

I love the new wiggles and Waggles Pet Resort I love taking my dogs there and Teresa she is an awesome person I love her to death she does really really really good with my dogs and they love her and I will recommend her to anybody and everybody and if there was more stars than I will give her 20…….

Shevawn Thorpe

Being new to town, we were told by so many people to try Wiggles & Waggles. I am SO happy we did! Theresa and her staff are wonderful. Our golden doodle always leaves looking fantastic, and sometimes we have taken him in very desperate need of a groom. He is actually excited to go in as he can tell they truly love their clients ( we have been to other places where they obviously don’t). Prices are very fair, and if our doodle has lots of mats, Theresa understandably charges just a little bit more to reflect the time it takes to deal with it. We also have had great experiences boarding our fur baby here. It’s such a relief to be able to board him and not have any worries about his happiness and safety!

Kyla Mackrill Dunton

I thought it was way over priced….
I was told my dog would be done in about 2 hours….in 4 hours I called and they said ” we are just starting her.” Then I was told from someone else she took 6 hours to do!!!!! Never..I take her regularly and be er has it taken that long….plus I was charged Xtra because they said she was matted…I heard good things about this place so I gave it a chsnce…lesson learned.. when I got home I had to still cut some spots off her they missed…and it looked like they gave her a bowl cutit was ugly…. was not worth what I was charged….Iv also been told by people they have taken in there dog extremely matted ans charged less than I was….if I’d of known I would of cut her…

Rachel Aubrey Aubrey

I love them! This was the first time my dog has been groomed by someone other than me. They went slow and were very good to him. They have great prices and he looks amazing!!! Thanks again for making my Harley look good and read for summer!

Shannon Brundy

I just picked up my little chihuahua after a weeks stay. He seemed happy and healthy and all in one piece. Everyone there is friendly and helpful. They gave me a run down of his week of fun and games which I enjoyed hearing. I would recommend them highly and definitely will use them again.

Debra M. DuHoux

I was extremely pleased with this Pet Resort. This was the very first time my Gunny had gone to an overnight kennel and it was for 11 days. I cried when we left him there. I am a self admitted critic but this place is top notch. They provide 24 hour care which was what I wanted. I could not bear the thought of my dog crying all night long and no one to respond to him.I know they can’t all sleep with a human but he also will get up and alert you when he needs to go out at night. I was also worried about him forgetting he needed to go outside and do his business. I returned to a happy clean pup that was hoarse. I’m sure that it was just because he barks at everything including the grass growing.Thank you Theresa for taking such good care of my pup. I will not hesitate to bring him back.

Cheryl Clifton

Thank you for taking such great care of Sophie over the years! She looks great! Always a great experience! Your new place is awesome!

Susan Calderwood

Did a Great Job with our little ones and since they were allowed to run around and play not put in a cage both of our fur babies were so happy… We will be calling definitely be going back..Thanks for The Great Job

Sandra Hale

This is our first time at Wiggles N Waggles and we are so impressed. We will be back!

Karen Beitz

This is a wonderful place. My dog loves to go and have a puppy play day. And Teresa is so good. He loves it at Wiggles and Waggles

Denise Nii

My sweet doggie Suzie has been groomed here twice now…both times 100{594b3bdca57b28c8e902127982265ddaa9b840d2ec6ae8018ad09287df1468f0} awesome job!!!! The cut was perfect, her bath was perfect too…she was truly clean and didn’t require a doggie parfumerie!!! Love it!!! This is Suzie’s Spa!!!!

Ken Ronda Lackner

I took both our babies in for bath and nail trimmed. They get such good care and Duke Luvs to play with the other dogs. They do amazing work!!! Highly recommended them.

Teresa Wood

Theresa does a great job of taking care of our neurotic Great Dane! So nice to be able to travel and not worry about our pup. Thanks Theresa!

Kathleen Pressler-Hall

A great place love the care they gave our dogs

Linda Romrell

My grandma said that she was so impressed with you at wiggles and waggles. You have a very clean, roomy, beautiful facility. You are kind and did the best grooming job that her dog has had in 5 years and this was the first time he hasn’t whined to go home when being picked up. Wow!!!! Your amazing thank you for taking such great care of my grandmas dog Bobbie!!!!

Jordan Mccurtain

My pups spent the weekend with wiggles n waggles and had a blast! My little one misses all her friends she made! I would trust my babies with them any time! Awesome place to board and play!

Sarah Crozier

She does an amazing job!
She groomed my Persian and he looks just adorable!

Debra Pippin

Theresa was great! Took my German Shepherd to her for the first time and they both fell in love with each other! She did a great job, new facility was nice and will definitely be going back to see her!

Bostun Hansen

So happy with the way my Havanese was treated and he looked amazing when I picked him up! I would recommend wiggles n waggles for any breed.

Lori Michelson-Pratt

My babies love how great they feel after being groomed! Can’t wait to see the new place!

Mindy Singer

We love this place and the amazing people there. The only bad thing is that we don’t get there enough! Thank you for taking such good care of our dogs

Melanie Pethtel

Teresa treats my old chocolate lab, Danno, like part of her family. Danno has terrible separation anxiety, but does just fine here.

DeeLane Trautner-Worley

I love Theresa! I’m very particular with whom I leave my precious fur babies with. Theresa met my expectations. She is sweet with the dogs and does a fantastic job!

Christina Hoshino Reid

Theresa is a very kind person and treats my dog with respect and patience. She grooms my dog the way I want it done. Great job always.

Melanie Thompson Knutz

Amazing people. Amazing service!!!!!! Definitely my favorite!!!!

Lisha Lee

We love Wiggles and Waggles!

Erica Farnes

Theresa has groomed my dogs for about 4 years. I love her. She does an excellent job. I highly recommend her. I’ve never met anyone who cares more about animals than Theresa Ahrendts.

Rebecca May Clark